First chat.

It’s important for me that you feel completely comfortable before you book your first full session or course. I will always offer the chance for us to have a chat if you would like to. Sometimes this just helps you to know whether I’m the right coach for you. It’s completely normal that we sometimes get on better with some people more than others, and if you don’t feel like I’m the right match for you that is A-OK. And on the flip side of that, if we get on brilliantly and like how each other approach the call, that just lets me know that we have established a connection and trust before we get to work on achieving your goals! 

Goal Setting Session

Every now and again it’s important to check in with what we’re working towards. Whether you have never set a goal for yourself before or you have a particular achievement in mind, we can work together to create your goals and an action plan to accompany them. You may have veered slightly off track and that’s also ok. Our thoughts can sometimes cloud our goals so it’s nice to pop a little spotlight on them and make them crystal clear again. Equally, as we start achieving, we may have to raise our game and set new, bigger and better goals for ourselves. Whichever it is, I like to make goal setting fun and inspiring, rather than daunting or scary. You are capable of achieving anything you set your mind to. 

Challenging our thoughts & negative self talk 

This is where NLP comes into play. We all tell ourselves stories or have deep rooted beliefs that may be untrue and may be holding us back. In our sessions we can work out what these are and how to unblock them so we can move forward. These sessions can cover many areas, from building confidence before a big event, to monitoring our inner dialogue and learning better ways to speak to ourselves, all the way through to creating a better relationship with our bodies and how we feel about ourselves. Taking action on any of these will help you level up in life, leaving any doubts of just how brilliant you are far behind you. 

Coaching & Guidance

My coaching aims to help you succeed at whatever it is you’d like in your life. It also looks at introducing practices for a positive mind that you can begin to implement into your daily routine. We can work together to help you make clear plans that you know you can stick to, and then I will become like an accountability buddy, there to make sure you stay on track, even on trickier days.


Pricing can be discussed upon enquiry. Every person I work with will require something different, from a single session to a course, or even long term accountability. This can be discussed in our first chat.