Alongside my 1:1 coaching I also speak at events and hold group coaching sessions. If you would like more information about a group coaching session or an event enquiry please get in touch. 


Prep Your Rep’s ‘Motivational Mornings.’

I have been working alongside Prep Your Rep as their regular life coach for their monthly ‘Motivational Mornings.’ The group is made up of performers looking to increase their skill set and improve their mindset. I am incredibly grateful for their dedication to my work and they inspire me every month!Prep Your Rep provides a number of incredible services for performers, from students and graduates, right through to professionals and their members are growing from strength to strength. 


Evolution Foundation College

In 2020 I joined the amazing faculty at Evolution to provide the students with mental well being support as well as body conditioning training.For me, working with this age group is crucial. Making sure they are confident in their abilities, creating resilient students who know their strengths. Creating empowered and intelligent performers ready to face challenges as they embark on their journeys.


Happy Heart Podcast

Happy Heart was created with the wonderful Lisa Darnell and is available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.We wanted to create a space where we could talk about some of life’s trickier subjects that often go undiscussed. Along with some incredible guests, we delve into these topics with care, and talk about our guests experiences and how they emerged from difficulty with bravery and resilience.We are also huge lovers of personal development so will often discuss the things we’ve learnt, or little habits that we have made part of our daily routines. 


The Safe Space

I am so excited to have created The Safe Space! A workshop day made to help performers transition from learning on zoom from their living rooms, to getting their confidence and spark back in a studio space. 
I have joined forces with some of my favourite teachers to bring you a day full of different styles and lots of support. We will look at how you can look after your own mental well being while rediscovering why you love to dance and what it is that makes you feel unstoppable! 
I hope everyone will leave the day feeling empowered and that spark in their bellies will be well and truly reignited!
We are capping capacity to 30 to give everyone the space and time they deserve to get the most out of their day.

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Performers College

I am very happy to be working with the Extended Diploma students at Performers College once a week. The course I have created will help them build their resilience and will give them the tools to help look after their mental well-being throughout their training and as they move forward into the industry. Working in colleges makes me particularly proud as it is something I could have really used while i was training and I am passionate about helping to guide and support the new generation of performers.